ONE CHEF, ONE RECIPE: Chef Yakup of Fat Lamb – “Turkish Salad”

ONE CHEF, ONE RECIPE: Chef Yakup of Fat Lamb – “Turkish Salad”
by Jutarat Skulpichetrat

A delicious recipe for Turkish salad from the founder of the popular Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurant in Suan Luang.
Tharit Tangsongsirisak, also known as Chef Yakup, draws inspiration in the kitchen from his Mediterranean travels.
He has a passion for natural flavours and fresh, healthy ingredients, including the parsley, vegetables and olive oil that are staples of the region’s delicious cuisine.

Chef Yakup studied at Kendal College of Culinary Arts in Chicago and later worked for some of the world’s top Michelin-star chefs and restaurants, including at Issaya Siamese Club in Bangkok and Naha in Chicago.

Chef Yakup is the founder of the local Mediterranean restaurant Fat Lamb, which serves Turkish and Middle East dishes with a slight American twist—reflecting the chef’s multi-cultural culinary experiences. Today, he will walk us through a simple, yet unique and healthy Turkish Salad. The ingredients are all quite easy to find.

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